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Checked my account yesterday and all my favorites have disappeared. Is this a bug or has my account been compromised? How can 11 years of activity just disappear? We are talking about hundreds and hundreds of images. Hopefully this will get resolved soon. 

To all of you out there with work that I favorited. I still like your work, it's just somehow disappeared. But I hope to get it back soon.

NYC Comic Con is starting tomorrow. My booth # is 956 near the main south entrance. Come by to see art stuff and chat.
If you are in NYC, the group show I am in is closing next week. There will be a reception Wednesday night. It's an interesting show, lots of edgy horror art. Let me know if you are going to stop by.
If you are in NYC I  will have four paintings in a  group show at Longwood Arts Gallery hostos, titled, "In the Realm of Dreams & Fears." I will be at the opening on February 6th from 5-9pm and closing May 1st.

This group exhibition is organized by artist and guest curator Antonio Vicenty, inspired by his interest in horror/fantasy films. It presents recent phantasmagorical works in drawing, mixed media, painting, photography, sculpture and video by visiting artists from Brazil, Canada, United Kingdom, and the United States. Participating artists include Pierre Ayotte, Patricia Ayres, Michael Paul Britto, Fernando Carpaneda, Kari Christensen, Shawn Conn, Steve Durham, Elisabeth Faraone, Julio Garay, Alba García, Mike Hrubovcak, Jayson Keeling, Steve Lewis, Claire Martial, Ivan Monforte, Owen Mulligan, Lucrecia Novoa, Peter Pier, Matt Pinyan, Radical Sem Dó, JohnnyRamos, Vertebrae33, and John Zhao.

The gallery address is:

Hostos Community College
450 Grand Concourse
(near the intersection with 149th street)
Bronx, NY

The entrance to the gallery is building number 450 facing Grand Concourse.

More info at
I have started a new blog. I transferred some older posts- so the new posts just started on January 30th. I will be updating it at least once a week- hopefully more. And it will include  process information, sketches, and stuff going on in New York city.
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A page from the sketchbook in the summer. I was waiting in the very long line for Shakespeare in the park in NYC. Now it is 14F and icy- so no sketching outside.

The End of the World by karichristensen
The End of the World Painting is in Sci-fi Art Now…

Awww- Eisbrecher. You and killing Call of Duty zombies make me happy .
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The convention is coming up at the Javits Center starting next Friday. I'll be at table G11 in the Artist's Alley- with some artwork appropriate for October.
I'm going to have three paintings at the DAMNED II show in Detroit on October 29. This gigantic show features work from H.R. Giger, Marilyn Manson, Eli Livingston, Chad Michael Ward, John U Abrahamson, William B Hand,and others.
Who's coming to the show?

I have a painting in Gothic Art Now, a book that came out in November.…
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Hoping the elections favor Obama. The past 8 years have been difficult to stomach.

I'm just painting and listening to music. I love how Assemblage 23 can do dark ebm and also turn out happy thoughts too.

Assemblage 23- Ground

Be still
Though chaos rains around you now
Only so much rain can fall at once
Breathe in
And let the air envelope you
And slow but sure, serenity will come

Close your eyes
Try to breathe
Feel the ground beneath your feet
It's still there
The world still turns around

Stand up
Though circumstance has knocked you down
There is nothing gained by staying within it's reach

Take strength
In every failure you endure
Our mistakes have many lessons they can teach

Close your eyes
Try to breathe
Feel the ground beneath your feet
It's still there
The world still turns around

These walls you've built around yourself
You can't take another step until they're gone

Move out
No use in dwelling in the past
Bid farewell to all your fears and carry on

Close your eyes
Try to breathe
Feel the ground beneath your feet
It's still there
The world still turns around
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Wow DA got a face lift! I'll have to visit more often. I like the new setup for comments.

I did illustrations for the new Hunter: The Vigil rulebook from White Wolf. It's out in stores now.…

My wife's new children's book is out for halloween, it's called Bone Soup and it has zombies!…

Cambria is going to be doing a signing at Books of Wonder in Manhattan on Saturday at noon on Oct 25th.… And she will be doing a reading of the book at the Children's Museum of Manhattan on the 26th at 2 and 3 pm.
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I'll be in the artist's alley at the NYC Comicon. It should be some good times.
My wife and I are doing a combined blog of our art projects.

I've posted some new Legend of the Five Rings cards. Cambria has posted a bunch of Halloween projects she's designed for Martha Stewart and Michael's. She's also posted a couple illustrations from her next children's book which will be published by Houghton Mifflin in 2008. We've been working 24/7 on this thing and hopefully it will be done next week.

It's all on the blob.
I'm thinking about getting the 30" cinema display. Anyone use it out there? I noticed Dell's prices are much lower for a 30" lcd, but I don't like the idea of buying a monitor without seeing it first.
Well it looks like The Lord of the Rings Online finally has a release date. Here's an article from The New York Times,…. There's the green orc I retextured. He was fun to paint. An amazing artist, Chris Amaral,… , built the models. He also did some great creatures for Dungeons and Dragons Online.
Anyone sending stuff into Spectrum this year?

Fyi, I uploaded a newer version of Mister Bananas.
Anyone doing cd trading on I just started and it's a pretty cool thing.
We are going to be in Salt Lake City and Las Vegas next week. Cambria will be doing book readings and signings for Martha Moth Makes Socks.

Provo, UT
BYU Bookstore
Thursday, Aug 24
10am- 12

The Children's Hour
Saturday, Aug 26

Las Vegas, NV
The NeverEnding Story
Monday, Aug 28
My wife Cambria has her first children's book coming out soon!  The book is published by Houghton Mifflin, and she is the author and illustrator.

More info:

Cambria has a deviant art profile.

Sideshow Monkey has some of the coolest monsters I've seen in a while. Get aquainted if you haven't already.

NYC toy fair is coming up. I love toys. It's my social obligation to be there.

Anyone else attending?